It’s no secret that communities worldwide have become more concerned about their carbon footprint. At DocuGreen, we believe being conscious without action is the equivalent of being unconscious and we take every step possible to ensure that our daily efforts and the solutions we bring help preserve the planet we all share. Below are some examples of our stewardship to reduce the demands on the environment:

Giving digital access to documents and files results in:

  • Less storage boxes & file cabinets are needed.
  • Less fuel is consumed to transport files.
  • Less real estate is required for storage space.
  • Less natural resources are consumed.

Each ton of paper that we shred and recycle:

  • Saves 7,000 Gallons of Water
  • Saves 4,100 Kilowatts of Electricity
  • Saves 60 Pounds of Air Pollutants
  • Saves 17 Trees
  • Saves 3 Cubic Yards of Landfill
  • Saves 380 Gallons of Oil

Hosted Backup and Cloud Computing services:

  • Reduces wasted computer resources by matching capacity to actual demand.
  • Improves power grid consumption with cost effective cooling and energy utilization.
  • Extends the life of existing computers as the replacement life cycle is extended.

We are proud of our ongoing contributions to help reduce carbon emissions and we are committed to ensuring our positive impact always grows exponentially.