DocuGreen’s comprehensive services protects both paper and data files. We are very proud to be entrusted by SMB companies, large corporations and government entities in the U.S.A. and internationally. Each of our services delivers is a solid return on investment and reduces your carbon footprint.


Utilize DocuGreen’s digitization of paper records and put the exhausting management of paper records behind. Let us scan your documents to save costs, protect the environment, increase productivity and gain quality business time. Your office can securely access files online from computers, smartphones, tablets or via CD & DVD. Digital information management means improved performance and higher security.

File Management
& Storage

Take the hassle out of the storing files in cabinets or in boxes at your office or at a storage unit. Engage DocuGreen’s ingenious Management & Storage services. Our cost-effective box storage solutions will ensure that your files are securely stored, precisely tracked and conveniently accessed when needed.

Mobile Onsite &
Offsite Shredding

Reduce risk and protect the environment with Secure Shredding of sensitive and confidential information. Don’t take any chances and don’t compromise your reputation. Prevent identity theft and unnecessary fines or lawsuits with DocuGreen’s Secure On-Site & Off-Site Shredding services. This is your organization’s best choice for cost effectively and securely destroying paper-based documents while overcoming your information privacy challenges.

Online Data

Put your business mind at ease! Backup your computers and servers to multiple world class data centers. Pre-scheduled and continuous backup sessions ensure that your company’s most valuable assets are saved and strictly secured. Our affordable backups will save you time and money, enabling you to focus on growing your business and having a solid business continuity plan.


Accelerate your business growth while reducing expenses. With DocuGreen’s innovative cloud services you’ll never have to buy a server or invest in your IT Infrastructure anymore, because we did! Give your users the software they need and enable them to work on any application from wherever they are. Let us help you confidently realize your business objectives faster and more effectively.

Cloud Storage & Collaboration

Web-based advanced technology that leverages the power of the cloud to store and share files in a secure, scalable and agile online environment. No more deployment of expensive infrastructures and complex maintenance. Unlike the limited on-premises software solutions, employees of businesses and organizations can now collaborate irrespective of their physical location. These solutions give a significant competitive advantage for enterprises of any size.

Hard Drive

Never throw away your hard drives, even if you deleted the information or formatted them. Hard Drive information can be recovered and used! Not only your business data can be exposed and exploited, but the environment is affected with harmful non-biodegradable materials. Let DocuGreen destroy your hard drives, guarantee information disposal and preserve our environment.


DocuGreen recycles many types of electronic devices such as computers, servers, printers and smart phones. Recycling consumer electronics conserves our natural resources, avoids pollution and prevents greenhouse gas emissions. Throwing these toxic materials in the garbage is illegal in many states. DocuGreen’s responsible and professionally handled recycling is your best disposal choice!